Launch kwrite as root user

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Terminal hangs when I do that. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features.

I know that may break some features, but root logins reduce my Linux experience similar to when I used MS Windows and I don't want to use Linux in vain. Well done to whoever has had this great idea. See related articles to this posting Since you can login as root, why not just change your normal user password or even just create a new user and see if that will work?

I've just installed opensuse It's the second one.

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Having a problem logging in? Then, reboot and go back in and create your original user name one more time.

But scan it and edit out personal information, if it has any you do not want published. Sorry for late reply, I'm in a trip. Perhaps you are also doing work like this. This change introduces a check whether the application is started as root before any interaction with X or Wayland happens, that is prior to creating the QApplication.

That is a pain! I tried this, but unfortunately the problem persists. Sorry gogalthorpbut i don't understand this point: If software won't let me log in my only recourse would be to wipe the drive and start over.

I can nano xorg. Its James again from Austin Texas jdmcdaniel3's Profile: It would make looking for real errors a lot less confusing. I must say, besides this and maybe a few other small problems my sound card shuts off at times until an app needs to make a sound, then it pops back on and makes the sound, then goes dead again, but I digressI have found KDE 4 I am at 4.

ICEauthority and possibly others. Comment 7 Kevin Kofler The problem I was having was going into root through a terminal, and trying to pull up kate or kwrite or Dolphin or Konqueror etc. Used to work OK?

This should be all. While with removing a user, just as you noted, you have the risk of loosing home data.

How to Run GUI Apps as root in Mac OS X

I have mentioned that twice now in response to saying it in the beginning when mentioning preference for root over su or sudo use.

Now you should be able to log in as the normal user. This is a valid use case, but there is no need to run the application as root.

Ubuntu 110 Tip: Graphical Apps Doesn’t Launch via Root, Sudo, Gksu

Avoid enabling direct SSH access for the root user.But some user like to login as root user directly to the Ubuntu desktop.

In this Tutorial We are going to learn how to enable root user in Ubuntu Desktop Set Ubuntu desktop root password. To enable the Ubuntu root account, first we need to set up password for the root user.

Editing files as root

To setup root password, open Linux terminal and execute. Hi, I have installed SoapUI with the sh script on Fedora 20 64bits as root in the directory /opt. When I launch SoapUI with the user root.

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Jun 15,  · Type the following to get kwrite to work as root: su - (your root password) kwrite Log Out, then Log in as root with root as user then your root password.

Do work as root. Log out and use normal permission as a regular user for normal use. ENJOY! I thought this could be nicer than one of my 'root rants' from prior times! Instead of just having it only let you run it as root. why not let the user pick ANY file to be ran as ANY user. this would allow users to not only edit files as any user they want.

but also run any program or whatever as any user they wanted. HOWEVER - configuring sudo to allow a user to run su allows them to become any user. I would suggest creating a script for your command, setting the script permissions to and owned by root, then configuring sudo to allow a user to run that single script.

– baumgart May 22 '12 at Chromium is an open-source Web browser based of google-chrome currclickblog.comum itself is available for most Linux distributions, while Chrome is a stable release with modified source base from Google. Chromium can be installed using: apt-get install chromium By default chromium won’t launch when using root user account, this is due to chromium running as the [ ].

Launch kwrite as root user
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